Argie Moutafis -Agelarakis

School of Visual Arts

Adelphi University



Oil on Canvas

Mixed Media

Technical Drawing

Commissioned work in

Scientific, Medical, & Bio-Archaeological Illustration


... the blue of the Aegean, the rhythm of the wind, dreams... experience, hopes, desires....

Argie Agelarakis is an illustrator and Part Time Faculty member at Adelphi University and The School of Visual Arts.  Drawing from her experience in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, and art, she teaches classes in technical drawing, scientific illustration, food-culture-and art, ethnobotany, and courses that explore the relationship of art with math and science. 

Working as an illustrator since 1983, creating images for use in journal articles, book chapters, and books, calls for accurate renditions of subject matter, true or almost true in the color, feel, and nature of the particular subject.  Her illustrations have been published in professional journals and books, relative to archaeological, bio-archaeological, forensic anthropological, and medical illustration subjects. 

When working as a fine artist, her work is influenced by her technical drawings, but also breaking free from them.  The beauty of the simplest forms found in our natural environment stimulates her creativity.  The palette is often surreal, as is the subject, and her aim is to create, through a wide range of media, a rhythm or harmony of color, form and composition. 

The intention is to entice the viewer, not simply for a glance, but for several moments, to absorb what they see, to feel what they feel when they are standing in front of the piece, and to leave feeling provoked, inspired, and informed.