Argie Moutafis-Agelarakis

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The blue of the Aegean, the rhythm of the winds, dreams, experience, hopes, desires...

Argie Agelarakis earned her BFA at The School of Visual Arts, her MA at Adelphi University.

Drawing from her experience as a published illustrator in archaeology, anthropology, and art, has developed and teaches courses in scientific illustration, food-culture-and art, ethnobotany, and the relationship of art and science.

Her paintings, abstract or surreal, are influenced by her technical illustrations, yet break free from them, finding beauty in the purest forms in our natural environment, aiming to convey a rhythm or harmony of color, form, and composition.

The intention is to entice the viewer, not merely for a glance, but several moments, to absorb what they see, to feel what they feel when standing before the piece, leave feeling provoked, inspired, stimulated, and or informed..